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    SAP Fieldglass

    SAP Fieldglass, a longstanding leader in external talent control and services procurement, is utilized by organizations around the world to find, have interaction and manage all kinds of flexible resources and allows businesses transform how work gets done, increase operational agility and boost up business consequences in the digital economy. Subsidized by the resources of SAP, our clients advantage from a roadmap driven by a continuous investment in innovation.

    SAP Fieldglass

    SAP Fieldglass become designed to satisfy the needs of a changing labor marketplace that has visible companies turn to an external workforce for limited period or flexible projects. SAP Fieldglass features permits companies to locate and hire an external workforce, and then manage those workers while they are hired by the company. Some specific tasks in this process include comparing labor costs, on boarding new workers once they are hired and managing the employees while they work for the company.

    Features of SAP Fieldglass

    • Profile management
    • Account Services
    • Service Procurement
    • Vendor Management
    • Talent Management
    • Live Insight
    Vendor Management System

    Benefits of SAP Fieldglass

    • Ease of Use
    • Streamlined and Consistent Process
    • Increased business Opportunity
    • Enhance Payroll and Invoicing
    • Empower Different Stakeholder
    • Better Collaboration
    • Access to Critical Data

    Why We?

    • 9 Years of experience in vendor management domain in numerous industries
    • Offering a structured approach
    • Complete end-to-end SAP Fieldglass solutions
    • Collaborate closely with your team and are quite responsive