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    E-Invoicing ''Digitalizing Paper Work''

    E-InvoicingWork done on time with effective documentation is Work appreciated worldwide. Collecting multiple files and log of receipts might confuse the Business organization’s particular departments such as Admin, Finance & accounts. The workload frequency is not judged on the day one, it’s irrational, unpredictable & spontaneous irrespective of time. The invoicing system of generating pay receipts, acceptance approvals & important documents for transferring from one place to other in secured way is continuous Job that has to be executed without having any real time errors. Because one single silly mistake can lead to major outcomes that cannot be paid off. Thanks to the Technological Advancements & Electronic processing that thousands of such complicated documents, pages, forms, bills, notifications now can be transferred & moved from one location to other & organization to Industries within no time & with high capacity of Security/safety & privacy followed by correct information. This system of generating Invoicing Electronically is call the E- Invoicing & is now with the major application in manufacturing  companies, Inventory management teams, Finance & accounts Services, IT department, Hospitals, Hotels, Airports & much more to name. With reference to E- invoicing, there are multiple terminologies associated with it; that separately play very vital role in implementing the processed. The E- invoicing services in which Amdhan Team possesses strong skill sets are:

    • Electronic Invoicing
    • Digital Invoicing
    • B2B Invoicing
    • SAP Electronic Invoicing
    • Electronic Invoices for Small Businesses

    There are various doubts by many buyers & suppliers about the E- Invoices that a scanned invoice in Adobe PDF format set via email, is not true invoice as it needs additional data re-entry which is very time consuming & error Prone. Electronic invoice has data from supplier in structured format which is automatically recognizable by the buyer’s financial system, without having any manual data input from administrator – Which makes the work very easy for our Customers. Electronic invoice is always in digital file format, just like PDF or Word File. Electronic invoice is very sophisticatedly built in digital file with data in fixed location & dedicated meaning. The most common formats followed by our technical team are EDI (Electronic Data Exchange) & UBL. We use UBL 2.1 & 2.0 in XML formats. Electronic-Invoicing-and-BillingBusiness to Business invoices- has to be very secure & confidential in between the two associations. Thus for B2B invoicing &generating pay receipts, we use very secure method i.e. through web based form & directly from AR system. We collect data from suppliers in the form that can be integrated into buyer’s Account Payable (AP), without requiring any data from buyers AP administrator. We carefully look after the format of the invoices while dealing in B2B invoice processing as any invoice which is unstructured issued in PDF or word format, paper invoices sent via fax machines & scanned invoices are not true e- invoices. For Digital Invoices we have authorized and secure Gateways that will protect any kind of malfunctioning. Human error is minimized & this invoicing is cheaper as no printing & postage costs in incurred. Best billing and invoicing Software used by our team members for preparing E- invoices for Small businesses include – Freshbooks, Square invoices, Wave, Quickbook payments, Hiveage, Xero, Free Agent, Zoho Invoices, Sage.

    How the Digital Invoicing, Electronic Invoicing & B2B invoicing methods are helping the Buyers:

    Faster payment & improved cash flows Better account reconciliation Reduced cost Fewer disputes & rejected invoices Improved customer satisfaction

    E- Invoicing has benefited the Suppliers through:

    Increased Productivity & automation Take advantage of early payment discounts Improved suppliers relations Carbon footprint – eliminating the need of paper, no energy is wasted in producing & transporting all those documents. We have been through Electronic invoicing; digital invoicing and now bring to you SAP invoicing. SAP consultants are very well aware & planned about preparing a methodology & strategy for SAP Invoicing.

    SAP Electronic Invoicing: Worldwide the Government of all countries has approved introduction of E- invoicing in a phased manner for reporting of B2B invoices to invoice registration portal (IRP) system. The process followed by SAP for generating e-invoicing is : Creation of Invoice – Preparation of Standardized format (JSON)  – Offline Upload: API upload – Generation of IRN in IRP – Validation in IRP & GSTN – Issue Signed QR code & Invoice Solutions Provided by SAP for Invoice generation are:-

    Automated Solution & Manual Solution: While Going through Automated solution we see that direct integration to e- invoicing (IRN) system via GSP is licensed solution developed by SAP that gives direct integration between SAP ECC or SAP S/4 HANA on premise systems or on SAP S/4 HANA Cloud & e- invoicing (IRN) through certified GSPs using SAP Cloud integration platform. In automated process preparation of standardized format is done by SAP. On the other hand Manual Solution: SAP Manual Process for SAP Electronic invoicing red and response file & stores the information of IRN. QR Code, digital Signature is prepared in Standard Table & Link original invoice with IRN along with current status in table. The JSON request file is generated offline by Customer which is in standardized form. Following these principles of SAP Electronic Invoicing Amdhan has already set a benchmark in the industry and successfully claims that Amdhan is very efficient & proficient in working for organizations that are planning a great future for betterment of society. We are looking forward to collaborate with your Group & provide E- invoicing services.