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    Tableau ''Your one point solution for Data''



    Tableau software is perfect visualization tool used for analysis. Tableau reporting is most suitable for quick and easy representation of big data which helps in resolving the big data issues. The performance of the Tableau predictive analytics is moderate in speed with options to optimize and enhance the progress of an operation. In terms of security of the data in the Tableau reporting & analytics, extensive options to secure data without scripting; security features like row level security & permission are in built. The best part of the Tableau analytics software’s user interface is that this tool can be used without any coding language, the business needs while working on Tableau analytics are best while working in big data. Tableau can be integrated with over 250 other applications. In Tableau you are free to explore data without even knowing the answer that you want. With the in-built features like data blending & drill down, you will be able to determine the variations and data patterns. In tableau, data is visualized from beginning. Tableau connects and extracts the data stored in various places; it can pull data from any platform imaginable. Spreadsheet application is used for manipulating the data while Tableau is perfect visualization tool used for analysis.

    Tableau reporting can help anyone see and understand their data, connect to almost any database, drag and drop to create visualizations. Tableau analytics is the fastest growing data visualization and data analytics tool. It helps in converting the raw data into the meaningful and understandable formats. Tableau functionalities are quite unique as they provide mapping functionality & Tableau analytics dashboard is able to plot latitude and longitude coordinates.

    Amdhan’s core team of Tableau consultants are highly active & peculiar in screening each information that comes to them for processing, analyzing & offering it to the Business groups & working organizations, that use Tableau predictive analytics & Tableau Business intelligence. Multiple tableau products that Amdhan serves include – Tableau Desktop – personnel & professional editions, Tableau Server, Tableau Online, Tableau Prep Builder, and Tableau Vizable – consumer data visualization mobile app, Tableau public, Tableau reader, Tableau Mobile & Tableau CRM.

    Tableau connects and extracts the data stored in various places. It can pull data from any platform. A simple database such as an excel, PDF, to a complex database like Oracle, database in cloud such as Amazon Web services, Microsoft Azure, SQL database, Google Cloud.


    TableauTableau predictive analytics allows organizations to be more proactive in the way they do business, detecting trends to guide informed decision- making. With predictive models outlined, organizations no longer have to rely on educated guesses because forecasts provide additional insight. Benefits of predictive analytics vary by industry.

    Tableau predictable analytics is used to forecast inventory, create pricing strategies, predict number of customers & even configure store layouts to maximize sales. Predictive analytics unearth new customer insights and predict behaviors based on inputs, allowing organizations to tailor marketing strategies retain valuable customers & take advantage of cross-sell opportunities. Tableau predictive analytics can detect activities that are out of the ordinary circumstances such as fraudulent transactions, corporate spying or cyber attacks to reduce reaction time & negative consequences.

    Our Tableau consultants are Business Intelligence wizards, who are able to build ‘support free’ solutions that does not require remediation or constant manual fixing when data gets updated. Tableau server is Business intelligence software that allows your Enterprise to publish the visualizations you create in the Tableau desktop to common and secure place in your network. Thus, it allows to view and interact with each other’s dashboards & answer own questions.

    Collaborate with Amdhan’s Tableau Consultants for managing, analyzing, deploying your Unique data for growth & enhancement in long term of relationships, because we care for your success. Your reputation is our matter of concern.