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    Rollout & Upgrade: Create the NEW Normal with essence of Old Foundations

    Rollout & Upgrades Are you in the Middle of a Project Plan & Business Implementation? Did the Pandemic this year impacted your work goals & had created multiple channel pressure from all the departments of your Software team projects, which couldn’t be resolved by just few suggestions, minor changes & finally need a standard approach for the same? So these are the symbols of getting upgraded & implement various Software Rollouts in the Current Running project or new Business to be launched. Along with Software rollout, the requirement completely depends upon the function of the Business & its application. We bring Rollout from SAP Rollout planning –Execution to Production Rollouts. Every Rollout has its specific Methodology & has to be followed by guidance of Consultants who are master of this Product Rollout & ERP Rollout. Time to check out in brief, about each one of the Rollout Services provided by Amdhan. Rollout & Upgrade Services launched by Amdhan, is for those who believe in building future from the foundation layer to the skyscraper. Journey is not going to be simple but Amdhan will make the routes stretched broader & clear for long distance. Upgrade of any project is technical upgrade in which the present configuration is technically upgraded & then the respective consultant will do the necessary modification required in Configuration & development. Majorly the technical stuffs are dependent on the Scope of Project, servers, systems & panels are completely different for separate project. So, in short upgrading here refers to product Version releases, that are made once, twice or thrice a year depending upon the type of its technical specification. Whereas in Rollout more or Less Configuration is in place, it’s a matter of extending the same portfolio based on new requirements & development. Possibly there may be minor changes required to be done in configuration & development while rollout takes place. Rollout implementation is done normally in subsidiaries & new acquisitions, generally for MNCs. At such situation the Product Rollout, Software Rollout, SAP rollout goes through Phase implementation & most of the portion before implementation is went interacting with the client’s representative & understand their Business Process. While moving ahead with each of the Rollouts, we would like to Highlight that Amdhan Services, has collaboration with multiple Individual Consultants that have worked on separate Software, SAP, Product, Production, ERP Rollouts & have hands on experience in solving the real time Problems that arise. Sound technical knowledge of products from SAP adds advantage to the quality of services provided. Spreading the Business around the Globe is our biggest Challenge & service.

    How to develop & execute successful Rollout Strategy one by one:

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    2020 has given the world, new start with ‘Forced Digitization’, thus planning software rollout was also very challenging for us to plan as per Business requirements. The core principles and values that we would like to highlight through our services are: We begin by considering the Project as a Team sport – take learning from team sports & apply to software roolout project. Therefore every project will be different like teams of different sport & need clearly defined roadmaps. While planning Software Rollout we make sure of developing trust, Collaboration, support, teamwork, preparation, leadership attitude. We keep people at Center of Software Rollout Strategy as we have clear understanding of 3Ws – Why we need to make change, what we try to achieve & who we are introducing change to. Amdhan harness power of Good Communication by taking overview, establishing point of contact & providing regular updates. We identify Stakeholders seriously – & always have an eye over their way of managing & how they are involved in planning & implementation plus keep record of company liaisons, project managers, developers, partners & authorities. For Software Rollout development we involve our users from start – identify core group of end users that give opinion & work with test – Software team. As for Software Rollout we understand the importance of Project Management Software with specialists from that field, checklists, change management tracking solutions, strong cooperation with software vendor. Our Training teams constantly keep an eye on technocrats who keep doing endless Hard work in order to bring the Software Rollout successfully.

    SAP ROLLOUT: What after the implementation phase of the SAP project? Is it going to remain still the same as that of previous versions? No! SAP gives out it’s another service of SAP Rollout that is part of Expanding the business after implementation. Any Organization that has started its SAP project in one Country, expanding their services to other countries follows rollout. In rollout Projects Business & Organization works accordingly to the Government in other countries. We take care about the legal compliances, Taxations as it differs from one country to another. Master data- As any new employee enter the organization, Major Modifications are done according to the country – So rollout implementation is little tough but very effective after completion. Amdhan even gives the service of SAP Up-gradation i.e. upgrading the software with latest version while fixing all the bugs of the previous version.

    PRODUCT ROLLOUT: Ideation, design, testing & deployment are the key steps under the Product Rollout. Comprehensive range of services – parameters that we bring to launch your commodity in market include:-

    1. Research & Analysis
    2. Customer Identification
    3. Launch Strategy
    4. Campaign Launch
    5. Monitoring & Review
    6. Customer Retention

    Amdhan tries to first understand specific expectations of client & then do designing of customized campaigns We have a very talented team of marketing experts – who are specialized in product launches Our team is honest in bringing to you affordable solutions that gives in return: ROI with 100% satisfaction We provide end to end solution strategies that will assist in successful Rollout of the Product.

    ERP ROLLOUT: Enterprise Resource Planning Solution is a complete Business planning system that collaborates all the various departments of any Organization including – Financial & Asset Management, Business Intelligence, Retail, Inventory, Engineering & Construction, Professional Services, fulfillment, Finance, Healthcare, Procurement, Sales & Order Management, Reporting, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Support. In an ERP Rollout module – the entire sections are updated using technology as a medium. The types of Rollout methods followed by our team include:- Phased Rollout, Phased rollout by Module, Phased rollout by Business Unit, Phased rollout by Geographical Location, Parallel Rollout, Software as a Service rollout. It completely depends upon the type and category of your Project which Rollout method has to be followed. Our Consultants have years of experience implementing the latest of ERP solutions & rigorously take update & feedback from Customers & clients.