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    EAM for Contractor ''Organizing Systems & Assets''

    Enterprise Asset management Enterprise Asset management is a Single point Source software Service that enables you to plan, control, monitor, execute, visualize & optimize the on time activities going on, Materials in house & outsourced, all the various Hardware & software assets, labor, inventory, information  in the Industry, Organization, Businesses, Warehouse & Work place centers. EAM service gives a 360 degree view of what all is in and what all is not; a perfect source for enabling the workers to focus on the other real time priorities set up by the Company, everyone has their own outcomes to be performed & by having Enterprise Asset Management for Contractors & Manufacturing companies will impact the system workflow & finally bring the actual Statistical reports of Success. Many a time’s companies suffer from time crunches, the field work, on call duties, business meetings, follow ups & physical hard work which ultimately leads towards more work stress & pressure for execution at the right time in appropriate way because these services that Organizations provide are for the mankind & their daily needs, just like the Electricity board, water supply services, Food & Drugs supply chain, Healthcare & many more. So, the work has to be done cautiously. Thus, here comes the role of EAM based software that makes the daily professional life an easy & comfortable environment to work on. There might be many questions arising in your Mind related with the reliability & trust on the software. So, give us the Opportunity to make your vision wide open about the features of these software & let us brief you on how Amdhan will benefit you in Enterprise Asset Management for Contractors. The latest technological advancements have added one more feather to the EAM services by having CMMS – Computerized maintenance Management System.  CMMS looks after the operations during the life of the assets i.e. period when equipment is up and running. Main functions of CMMS include Maintenance scheduling, Managing Spare parts inventory and work orders & tracking assets information. Additional functions of EAM for Contractors include Software Reactive Maintenance, Cost control, Word order system, scheduling & planning of recovery & problem solving. There are different categories of Software and tools used for Enterprise Asset Management for Contractors. We will first have a look at the SAP Asset Management system. As Amdhan is an Official direct partner of SAP, we provide each and every service solutions from SAP. 

    SAP Asset Management:

    Asset Management The Asset Management tool of SAP is a cloud based repository to collect & track Enterprise Asset information. SAP Asset Intelligence Network, collaboratively with EAM – get best practices for:

    • Optimal deployment.
    • Balancing revenues – while having risks & customer Satisfaction.
    • Maximizing returns on asset. For example: Ensuring acid uptime to reliably meet demand & control costs.
    • Successful SAP asset management follows guidelines of ISO 5500 – maximizing returns on assets, consistently.
    • By optimizing costs, risks & performance such that management can execute strategies & goals in order to fulfill customer orders on time with expected quality vital for a sustainable environment of workplace or any industrial outcomes, SAP asset management tools take care of it.
    • Each day assets go aged, wear down & break: but Technology & innovation with introduction to IOT & analysis of every spending data has made the traditional asset management a very different wave of change which has transformed the best Business practices & has brought smiles on Millions of faces.
    • Sensors machines and other assets are connected through IOT & then analyzed to gain real time transparency & decision support.
    • We collect data & drive collaboration for better outcomes from reputed Data sourcing companies.

    Thus SAP Asset Management has possibilities that are truly endless. This way enhancing digital transformation. Future of asset management & next level of business processes that drives to new levels of efficiency, transparency both internally & across their networks. Take the leverage of SAP Asset Management service with Assistance of Amdhan Team of Talented SAP Consultants. So if you are looking ahead for empowering the Asset Management, we provide best in industry user experience & end to end solutions.
    SAP Intelligent Asset Management 1811 : Includes SAP asset manager 309, in this SAP asset intelligence network there are new digital services & content package capabilities. That promotes & sells digital services via SAP asset intelligence network where one can automatically share documents failure models & instructions as soon as customers select – buy the associated app center packages.
    Furthermore there are some nice enhancements to lookup in the APP:

    • Customers can identify equipment’s by scanning NFC tags using mobile devices in SAP asset Strategy & Performance Management portal
    • Enabling operators & manufacturers to perform checklist & inspections for instance
    • You can maintain attributes or indicators for questions in checklist assessment, add documents to unpublished checklists & compare the values of several checklist assessments in assessment template application

    Check the templates, as you can define thresholds for checklist scores, add essential cost & recommended frequency information & update equipment master data In SAP – predictive maintenance & service, we have introduced fingerprint management operator & manufacturers can capture a sensor data pattern or fingerprint for equipment at major milestones of equipment lifecycle so they can refer to it again later to detect deviations from normal behavior & plan actions to get equipment back to normal states.
    New alert page: For analyzing data associated to selected alert, view relevant indicator values displayed in a time series. Chart failure modes pauses & recommended actions ranked by occurrence in the past With SAP asset manager 3.0 new customer service components enables maintenance of service equipment under contract the customer or 3rd party sites – find customer information about technicians service engagement business partner information, contract & warranty information In meter management we have added support for periodic readings disconnects & reconnect orders & repair orders We also bring SAP asset manager 3.0 to android tablets; Android version is available through early adoption care program or a complete overview of all new features visit out Amdhan SAP help section. .

    Infor Asset Management:

    Infor EAMInfor Asset Management is Software developed for Enterprise Asset Management – Infor EAM is easy for using in Maintenance & repair function & reporting capabilities. Infor EAM is user friendly – the proposed indicators can both monitor the activities & performance

    • Infor Asset Management software allows Navigation through Application
    • This software consists of Interactive Graphical Indicators
    • Very Clean, simple & adaptable dashboards
    • Give complete details of the completed work orders
    • Quickly search from a known element
    • Filtering of the list made easy with only AND/OR options
    • Multiple Quick Filters
    • Use & create predefined filters
    • Lists can be exported directly to Excel
    • Each user can develop their own lists
    • Locations, systems, positions & assets can be connected as frames
    • Equipment structure can be used to navigate through data
    • Infor EAM structure enables equipment details & creation of work orders
    • All data related to assets are available from equipment screen Document management allows you to associate all types of files to record – events, history & costs data
    • Preventive maintenance scheduling
    • Multiple meters units – parts associated
    • Reports customizable tabs
    • Asset management Parameter Cycle has following components:Status – documents – characterization – history – movement – PM schedules – parts – cost center
    • Infor EAM is asset management software that improves reliability & performance
    • Critical equipment – facilities & infrastructure
    • Comprehensive checklist – including images & documents – design to help maintain, Perform more through accurate inspections
    • Non conformity management – case management, tracks incidents that acquire further – Preparation or Maintenance workflow – identify criticality priority & risks & focus on most critical assets, integrated analytics provide visibility

    EAM is available for industry standard specifications acquired by: manufacturers – energy – healthcare – public sector & others to name few – mobile application is built by 3rd party global application used by the contractors No disruption caused to the productions EAM comes with auto grade platform – right out of the box unlike – other offerings – which are moreover frame works that require EAM – improve reliability of critical assets – helps move your main strategy from industry specific focus & specialization Improving efficiency – enjoying compliance, extending asset life Mobile application integration – & better capital planning In cash the opportunity now by contacting our expert Team of SAP Consultants, Project Managers, Developers, Solution Architects & business development professionals at Amdhan.