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    SAP Concur ''Explore the World of your Dreams''

    . SAP ConcurSAP concur provides travel & expense management services to different businesses. SAP concur solutions connect all your expenses, travel and invoice spending in one system, providing a single way to manage spending from end to end, gain greater visibility into transactions, improve compliance & simplified process for everyone. By the help of SAP concur solutions we provide transparency & visibility into employee spend, their ability to enforce policies and agility to make intelligent spend management decisions. SAP Concur application and software manages complete planning of the travel visit to its expenses, location mapping & e-receipts. The SAP concur Expense management tool includes Concur Expense, concur travel, concur invoice, analytics, audit services, budget, concur detect by APP Zen, Concur Trip link with Triplt Pro, intelligence & consultative intelligence. Concur expense products has different sections under it – Concur expense, concur drive, concur request, audit services, budget, company bill statements, payment solutions, travel & expense. Concur gives solutions in form of Mobile application. Concur solution is cloud based travel and expense system configurable out of box solution, integrated with Gmail, VAT-it, Grab and has its own SAP concur mobile application. SAP concur functionalities on the SAP concur application includes Concur Travel, booking a hotel, booking of airfare, audit rules & travel request integration.

    SAP Concur request: Travel request, CA or cash advance request, budget, approval flow for travel, approval flow for CA, Audit rules.

    SAP Concur Expense: Includes – Reimbursement, liquidation, audit rules, budget, PCF/EAF replenishment, SAP concur integration, expense approval flow. The SAP concur dashboard has different sections for each of the activity – where you can actually book your air flights, your hotel accommodation. You can put all the necessary notes & announcements for your company so when you will read more & can see all the notes. SAP Concur expense management software gives you the flexibility to have requests related to travel, expense & application center. SAP Concur manages requests & you get multiple tabs along with that can also auto populate. You can go ahead with active requests, pending requests, approved requests, cancelled requests, closed/inactive requests. For each new request company can incorporate policies & plan accordingly. All major and minor activities related with the travelling & expenses involved are covered under Concur Solution.

    Concur Expense – Manages spending wherever & whenever it happens; with Concur expense management solutions. SAP concur solution connects all your expense travel and invoice spend in one system providing a single way to manage the process from end to end gain greater visibility into company spend improve compliance & simplify the process for everyone when business travelers are on the road, the SAP concur mobile application makes it easy to capture e-receipts & submit claims on the go with expensive part of the SAP concur mobile application, travelers simply use their Smartphone camera to upload an image of a receipt and intelligent ML technology will capture all the relevant data details including the amount date of the transaction, supplier expense type & location are accurately captured and matched to the expense entry in concur expense. Employees can simplify expense claims even further by connecting to our ecosystem of partner apps expenses from different partners of various MNC, those are automatically created in Concur expense complete with receipts, employees simply have to review and submit their claims. . SAP concurWhen you need to capture spend at the source & gain visibility down to each detailed transaction look no further than concur expense by integrating travel and expense in a single solution. Employees can go from trip to expense claims in a few clicks plus smart matching capabilities for credit cards, book travel & e-receipts data. The intuitive interface makes it simple to add and edit expense line items for mileage claims. The solution provides a calculator for accurately working out mileage reimbursement, and with concur drive your employees can track business mileage on go using GPS tracking, accurate mileage expenses then automatically created in the tool so there’s less hassle for finance & employees. Once expense claim submitted concur expense allow employees to visually track the status as it moves through the approval workflow, employees can also use the SAP concur mobile app to view expenses, add them to claim submit that claim wherever they are whenever they want, manager can then take advantage of the SAP concur software & mobile app to speed up expense approvals on the go.  SAP concur expense reporting – helps the metrics that matter to your business with easy to use dashboards out of the box and customizable reports that deliver a clear view of what’s being spent & where the solution affects a holistic & simple way to measure KPIs like how each expense category is tracking against budget and which suppliers you are spending with. Financial adders in Concur Expense management reporting Acts as an added benefit, financial connectors work with your ERP, CRM, Human resource & a screening system to give you a unified view of all your data. Connect with finance systems like SAP netsuite, QuickBooks sage & Xero for timely & complete financial picture harness the power of industrial leading travel expense products in a single solution that helps your employees become more productive. You will get transparency and visibility into employee spends the ability to enforce policy and agility to make intelligent spend management decisions. . SAP concur As employee initiated spend becomes more challenging to manage, how do you streamline processes, reduced risks & make the experience effortless for your travelers? Simple with SAP concurs travel expense & invoice management solution, you can deliver intelligent tools and apps to make your employees jobs easier & also gain access to a consolidated view of the data that drives your business, SAP Concur provides easy to use tools to instantly book travel, submit expenses or invoices & access real time data, so you can manage employee spend however, whenever & wherever it happens all from a single, trusted source. It’s easy to search for flights or trains, reserve a car & find a hotel in the right location with SAP concur’s intuitive interface. Accessing global travel content from a variety of sources including directly from suppliers, SAP concur displays results including corporate- negotiated & published prices. SAP Concur solution ensures that employees can choose best policy compliance options available. Gain insights into expenses before and as they occur with built in policy controls. It’s easy to identify which suppliers are preferred. At Amdhan, we help your Business & team in preparing the SAP Concur Travel and expense management software much easier and user friendly. Our SAP consultants are smart enough to understand your project requirements and give you additional inputs in creating the software and the interface of the Mobile application. We keep complete track record of the daily activities and also our support team is 24*7 available for your assistance, so time is not a constraint for us, we look towards making your journey the most happening, easy to go & enjoyable one. Contact Amdhan for SAP concur solutions.