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    Microsoft BI ''Empower the Intelligence Within You''

    Microsoft BI

    When it comes to data the faster you can turn this into easily moveable format, the faster you can turn on the project. You can understand and use it all to make your business run better with Microsoft Power BI, you can quickly connect to data preparation model & visualize as much as or little as you like, then securely share insights even embed it all into your app or website. So you get connected to 100 data sources on premise or on cloud like excel, sales-force, Google analytics, social networks and even IOT devices to set real time information turning all that data into live interactive visuals, when you get the hang of that upgrade to pro you will need that to start collaborating freely, creating dashboards that deliver a 360 degree real time view of your business. Control how your data is accessed and used and to package and deliver your stunning new content to users with apps of their own the premium version is for reality scaling up across larger enterprises and embedding content part of your own digital properties without per user licenses and one more thing want it all on mobile so you can read to changes on the fly there you go with power BI we make it easy to always be in compliance to for things like GDP.

    Microsoft BI tools in BI platform that provides non technical business users with tools for aggregating, analyzing, visualizing and sharing data. Users here can download an application from Windows 10. SAP BI offers several advanced analytics solution, including real time BI predictive analytics, ML & planning and analysis.

    Microsoft BI, tool is to drive robust analytics & insightful reporting. Microsoft BI offers a wide technology stack for implementing cloud, on premises & hybrid analytics solution. The portfolio includes tools for data ingestion, storage, and integration, quality management, processing & building intuitive reporting. Microsoft BI has options for reporting data processing, data integration & data ingesting.


    A highly user friendly self service analysis & visualization tool, Microsoft power BI allows:
    • Retrieving both traditional and big data from a variety of cloud and on premises data sources i.e. over 100 out of box conditions.
    • Building reports and dashboards using drag and drop technique.
    • Providing advanced data analytics capabilities i.e. Natural language queries, what if analysis, forecasting & built in machine learning features.
    • Building, sharing reports & preparing dashboards by desktop, web & mobile users. Setting alerts on KPIs.

    Implementation stages of the Microsoft Business intelligence: 

    • Mapping your business needs to Microsoft technology stack.

    Implementation stages of the Microsoft Business intelligence:

    • Mapping your business needs to Microsoft technology stack
    • Designing a high level architecture for your analytics solution
    • Elaborating on implementation & user adoption strategies.
    • Deploying and configuring all components of analytics solution. For eg. Implementing a data warehouse on SQL server, OLAP cubes on SQL server, Analysis services & visualization on power BI
    • Applying SQL server integration services or other relevant Microsoft Business intelligence tools, to create ETL – processes & build up complicated data flows to ensure proper data integration from multiple sources.
    • Setting up data management practices with SQL server data quality services.
    • Creating & training machine learning models if any, using Azure ML services.


    Microsoft business intelligenceMicrosoft Power Business intelligence tool is best tool for Data analysis & data visualization in the market today. As, it is very easy to be used, less processing time is taken & convenient to operate. Microsoft BI tool works on reports and dashboards, you can clean data, power BI works on the data modeling part and also visualize data. High demand of Microsoft power BI consultants in market is noticed. Complete automation of manual task. Comparison analysis on different features of a product, functionality and application.

    Best BI tools not too much expensive and neither is it complex. Microsoft Power BI desktop – used by our developers to prepare your company’s charts, graphs & much more. Analytical activities from different data sources like you can prepare from excel, CSV, PDF, SQL, oracle & also from 99 different data sources – create charts, visuals & then if wants to share with someone you can use power BI services & create an online account which is available on the web & then publish all the reports into Microsoft power BI services, the best part is this is completely an automated process.

    The power BI desktops divided into multiple parts such as Power Query, power Pivot and Power View.

    Team of Amdhan, Microsoft BI consultants works on Microsoft BI tools and dashboards. Power query is used for cleaning the data; Pivot is used for data modeling; power view used for visualization, creating charts & reports in this particular power view. Easy Microsoft BI dashboard with drag and drop options available in the User interface. Amdhan helps your Organization & industry in preparing the Analytical solutions which are quite complex and time consuming for the company. We make rapid use of the technology available. Our developers and team of business analysts add greater value to your project’s execution & critical examination of the same. Microsoft BI software has made every step & work of analytics simpler & very much adaptable to its stage. Results gained are accurate & up to the mark. Values generated in any form of Graphs, charts, tables are true to the best of the knowledge & data processed. Amdhan team is player of the field that belongs to data, its understanding, interpretation & conclusions. So if you are looking for intelligent solutions of your Data & its applications, come to Amdhan for better prosperity & future growth.