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    Cloud Migration Services ''Uplifting towards Better Tomorrow''

    Have you ever been wondering about the aspects of Technology that how one by one the up-gradations had helped out in advancing day by day? How beautifully the information we perceive on Internet & at our Businesses is synchronized, saved & updated. For all these developmental changes thanks goes to the Latest Cloud Computing technology which had made changes in the old system of securing, saving & handling the huge quantity of data which is not so easily manageable at the Hardware and infrastructure level. Cloud computing has helped in saving time, money, space & resources. At an instant now all of your Enterprise’s information is stored in one single platform. But the process to initiate this transfer from the on premise to the Cloud, isn’t a single step to go with, rather it involves multiple steps in the process followed by certain rules, high level development platform & tools. Amdhan being the direct partner with SAP & consultant Client with various Cloud Service providers, help its customers & clients to achieve the Goal of Cloud Migration for their ERP solutions & Business portals with all the information Migrated safely & smartly.

    Let us find out in detail & explore the Cloud Migration Services procedure & procurement process-

    Cloud Migration process of moving your business’s data from legacy on premise, IT Infrastructure to public cloud. Legacy infrastructure usually outdated, unreliable & takes space & hinder business growth & agility. Cloud Migration of the ERP solution could involve business moving away from cloud provider to other. Eg. Migrating applications from AWS services to Microsoft Azure. They offer tools and services to help migrate workloads and applications. Businesses that lack technical skills prefer enlist help from IT partners. These services provide bespoke, thorough solutions. IT partner handle timescale, budget & services within migration for you. While minimizing downtime & disruption to your business.

    Advantages of Cloud Technology:

    Cost Reduction: Save money – improve predictability of spending

    Freedom & Flexibility: If hiring remote workers, provisioning new office, or ensuring your employees can work on go, than your business and its technology must be flexible. Cloud computing services facilitate BYOD [Bring your own Device]

    Super Scalability: if preparing for growth, migrating to cloud is best solution. It allows expanding & reducing resources required with great ease. If new applications deployed & more data to be accommodated then Cloud migration is the best service to be undertaken. Therefore, more space & scalability.

    Security: Cloud computing offers – unparallel security for securing/ protecting the assets. Eg. Microsoft provides app security, intelligent threat detection, multi-factor authentication & comprehensive security. Helps to keep data security water light & ensure risk of breach or hack- minimized. 

    Cloud Migration Strategy Process:

    With Cloud migration your business can become more agile, reduced costs, instantly scale & deploy globally in minutes.

    Cloud computing gives you instance access to a broad range of technologies, as you can innovate faster & build nearby anything you can imagine, from infrastructure services such as compute, storage & databases to internet of things, machine learning, data analytics & much more. You can deploy technology services in a manner of minutes & get from idea to implementation several orders of magnitude faster than before. This gives you freedom to experiment & test new ideas to differentiate customer experiences & transform your business such as adding machine learning & intelligence to your application in order to personalize experiences for your customers & improve their engagement. Don’t need to make large upfront investment in hardware & overpay for capacities you don’t use. Instead you can trade capital expenses for variable expense & only pay for IT as you consume it. With cloud computing you access resources from cloud in real time as they are needed. You can scale these resources up and down – to grow or shrink capacity instantly as your business needs change. Cloud computing also makes it easy to expand to new regions & deploy globally in minutes. Eg. AWS has infrastructure all over world, so you are able to deploy your application in multiple physical locations in just a few clicks. Putting application in closer proximity to end users reduces latency & improves their experience. No matter your location, size or industry, the cloud frees you from managing infrastructure & data centers so you can focus on what matter most to your business. Amdhan provides Cloud migration services from various service providers & helps its clients and customers from step to step process cycle required for migration.