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    Ariba Extension for Contract Utilities

    SAP Ariba Extension.

    Getting your software to do what you want is not always been easy but now with extension studio from SAP Ariba it is as easy as creating an online greeting card. For procurement directors to observe the manufacturing/processing costs going up & down in the business units. Carefully track all capital requests which are not so easy. But with help of IT managers they have developed a new process that can give visibility in order such that the software capture all the capital requests with the necessary approval flows built right in. therefore with the help & good news of the extension studio as part of the SAP Ariba open platform the procurement team can easily create any new form and extend any solutions all by themselves, that means they can create a new capital request form they start by  choosing a standard or blank template with drag and drop widgets & predefined fields & data types; the procurement managers can easily insert the elements they need & adds  rules making the form intuitive & intelligent therefore the result is exactly what they had in mind. Therefore procurement management is empowered & happy. With extension studio you can change or extend the user interface data model & business logic of your applications making your business faster & more flexible. . Ariba Extension UtilitiesSAP Ariba’s extension is specially designed and developed for the companies who are dealing in Energy resources plant & planning, Oil and gas industries, public services like Electricity board, Water supply services of the cities & other major Government bodies which are major part of the Utilities Contractors team. These agencies & companies are players from the field of utility management of the city, country & continent. It completely depends upon the size of the company & its contact worldwide.

    SAP Ariba software application’s extension especially for these companies has helped them in having proper plan, designing, development & deployment with easy to access tools, very creative User interface & a channel for all time communication. so it’s high time to get the right parts, at the right place within right time. All these activities of movement of various parts from one station to other, its joining at the other place, testing t the other & finally delivering it to the other place is all that is monitored, handled & taken complete feedback care by the SAP Ariba developers, testers & support engineers. Amdhan has a team of expert SAP consultants, who are certified directly from SAP & are working for the utilities contractors from past 2 decades. They have seen the SAP Ariba software getting updated & enhanced from time to time. Our consultants are not only expert in the technical preparation of the SAP Ariba software for you but also they are very proficient in the application/ Solution architect of the same. We understand the criticality & crux of the Projects that run for the Oil and gas companies, energy resources, batteries, renewable energy development; that needs sincerity & eye all time on the minute to minute activities going on. SAP Ariba solutions support asset industries including as oil and gas, mining, metals, chemicals, consumer goods & utilities.SAP Ariba software has the features of MRO sourcing, spare part collaboration, end to end refurbishment process collaboration, workforce optimizations, SES flip, integration to SAP plant mainatance. .