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    Digital Timesheet for Workforce ''Let’s Make Time Work for us''

    Digital Timesheet


    “A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected”. For any organization’s Employee/ working team to work effectively, efficiently, energetically & enthusiastically; it is very important to let them know about their working proficiency. Now, it is the task & challenge for the business owners, senior managers, scrum master & project coordinators to look after the employee’s working ethics & along with that monitor their working time flow. Time is a very important parameter for any task to be performed because if there is no such measurement then how the goals can be set & achieved? When there is a target there is time period, limit & it’s accurate calculations, then the employees & workers are paid for what they work in a time frame given by organization. In order to keep a track record for that- the industries, businesses & any workplace may it be a hospital, restaurant, resorts – hotels, IT company, manufacturing units, banks they need to undertake with them the time sheets of their employees. From ancient time manual recording of time & date is registered. When the employees working time is recorded in paper & entered by someone its surveillance is done by that person while sitting with the data entry timesheets to be filled up.

     With advancement in the management ethics – this manual timesheet had additional details to be filled which was entered up by the employees & later HR manger & executives cross checked them, but maintaining manual timesheet is more time consuming, error chances are increased & lot of files has to be maintained. With the advent of latest technology & increasing growth in the software application, thanks to the core technology developers, software engineers & technical skill experts, they have made this timesheet maintenance procedure easier, effective & optimized by launching the Digital timesheet software application which has changed the workplace scenario drastically & had added multiple features to it.

    We at Amdhan practice the service of providing to our clients, customers & partners in the domain of Digital timesheet application development & monitoring of their employees timesheets. We have trained & developed an environment where our developer’s team & consultants construct digital timesheets application as per the request generated by clients & requirement of their organization. We develop customized Digital Timesheet application that is helping the HR & management teams to optimize their employees work record & even advancing the employees as it has become now very easy, convenient & fast for them to fill in all the details. Time is saved; lot of effort in memorizing the work done is saved. Digital timesheet application comes in very user-friendly – Graphics, user interface & user experience is enhanced which is much more satisfying & had helped us gain positive feedback from our customers.


    Digital Timesheet
    These digital timesheet reports can be directly forwarded within the organization to be given in the different departments eg. Accounts department, finance, procurement, HR & Audit. It can be transferred on the Cloud for more secured data & further analysis either quarterly or yearly.

    When internal operational performance of a Organization is made straightforward, compact & synchronized then all of the external projects undertaken by the company in form of time lined tasks are achieved with prominent outcomes.


    Features of the Digital Timesheet Application provided & developed by Amdhan are as follows:
    • System Compatibility Mode: Different operating system can be used often by Co-workers within single company. The digital timesheet software is compatible with different operating system including iOS, MAC OS, Windows & Linux.
    • Representation of Information is Simplified: Digital timesheet software developed by our team provide different filters for the daily information in form of daily timesheets, weekly timesheets, monthly timesheets, departmental timesheet & other visualizations as per the need of the business organizations.
    • Approved timesheets & time- off requests: As soon as the employee submits detailed timesheets, the real time status updates are made available to managers. Employees can easily make request time off & managers are able to approve or deny the request in the real time.
    • Entering of the Data – Methods: The digital timesheet application developed by Amdhan is flexible enough to allow time logging from multiple points of resources. Mobile phones or any other system, Web Portals, RFID tags, Companies can share their expectations& it will be done accordingly.
    • Technical Support Team of Amdhan: The digital timesheet application we prepare comes with around the clock help & support, irrespective of business’s location. We have built out technical support team so strong that Customers can reach support through Phone, Chat or email 24*7
    • Easy integration with other Applications: We make it possible for you to export time records to other systems so that integrating timesheets with any other business application used inside the organization is very easily accessible & user friendly.