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    SAP Fieldglass ''Managing external Workforces''

    SAP Fieldglass .

    The demand of organizations & desires of workers are changing dramatically. The working world is now more flexible where businesses create dynamic workforces that go beyond traditional employees to capitalize on expertise & bandwidth; it is a whole new way of working. SAP fieldglass welcome to the reinvention of work to keep up with where the world is headed organizations need easy access to expert talent & specialized skills joining a movement of forward thinkers changing how work gets done. With SAP fieldglass you can lead this change by developing a well managed in Agile external workforce building a new & better way of working that adapts as your business grows external workforce management right talent right price. SAP fieldglass automates the entire process of procuring & managing flexible labor from requisition through invoice work orders get filled with the talent you need by suppliers you trust & on boarding is automated background & security checks are completed beginning to end and you get complete insight throughout the entire engagement services procurement simplify services engagements so you can control spend, SAP fieldglass gives you full visibility into spend with external services providers simply submit your statement of work bid into multiple suppliers & collaborate with your chosen vendor. Easily track milestones & meet deadlines on your deliverables approve timesheets from your mobile device & manage everything from payment to country specific tax & regulatory requirements, you will know who is working where what it all costs & how the project is progressing so you can make strategic decisions about the work you need to get done. Intelligent solutions for workforce strategy by managing the full lifecycle of external talent & services spend, SAP fieldglass helps you get the most from your workforce you will improve the quality of work & access the best resources, you will control spending and reduce operational & compliance risks & because these intelligent solutions integrate with your existing systems you can automate processes to get work done faster & easier so you can focus on what matters most to your business. Think of ramping up for new projects instead of reacting to them envision having skills in place when an opportunity arises imagine outpacing your competitors because you can clearly see the spending that impacts your talent strategy. SAP fieldglass solution is a proven partner offering a seamless connection to diverse services providers & talent platforms so you can be part of the movement reinventing how work gets done in SAP fieldglass this is how the future works. SAP fieldglass is a specialized cloud-based solution that allows organization to procure & mange their external workforce, it helps manage buyers’ & suppliers’ invoices, payments & performs any number of transactions related to the external workforce Procurement. But what do we mean by contingent or services or buyers or suppliers?

    SAP Fieldglass1Well Amdhan will help you know about the market that SAP fieldglass services includes, the basic terminology used within the staffing industry you will get a high level overview of how the industry operates & how SAP fieldglass software works within your Organization. You will be able to understand the contingent work for staffing industry distinguish between a worker buyer & a supplier; differentiate between a contingent and a services worker & finally explain the basics of a contingent worker procurement transaction. As of today’s scenario 40% of the world’s workforce is comprised of temporary employees what means 40/100 big people group working on the planet actually works for a company on a temporary basis these workers are commonly referred to as an external workforce & the size of this external workforce is expected to grow dramatically over the coming years. This kind of requirement is raised usually when company has customer traffic during holiday sales or the project needs external working professionals or they want to temporarily fill a position on a critical team. Contract and the statement of work is provided by the buyer, timeline, deliverables & payment terms are also decided the firm that hires the people externally. The supplier agrees to supply ‘n’ number of workers to build workstations & connect. SAP fieldglass timesheets – weekly time cards for temporary workers in SAP fieldglass software is noted. Normally every mastic employee is required to enter 2 timesheets every i.e. a client timecard on oracle, client side timesheets – the SAP fieldglass timesheet, helps in entering last time sheets complete project based; hence there could be a different timesheets database for different contractors and all you have to do is identify your instance of timesheets. Timesheet interface in SAP filedglass software, here project code already implemented & the user interface is designed. SAP Fieldglass software is your external workforce, managing a file of the external talent management. So basically SAP fieldglass software is developed for the business team to manage & supervise the workers recruited externally. Amdhan has hands on experience in building the SAP Fieldglass software as per the business requirements. The size of the company is never an hinder age for our solutions. We provide end to end help from Scratch development of the SAP fieldglass Software & help our clients to follow the SAP Fieldglass timesheets, on weekly basis, with most updated user interface that is easy to use & compatible with multiple hardware devices. SAP fieldglass solutions is best in the industry for managing external workforces, without going in the micro details as SAP fieldglass is self sufficient to handle multiple of parameters. For more information on SAP fieldglass, please contact our Team of SAP experts.