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Digital Transformation for Supply Chain with SAP Ariba and S/4 Hana

Following are the key challenges covered in the webinar:
1) How to increase the transparency across the supply chain and amongst the various stakeholders e.g. Production, procurement, finance & Suppliers?
2) How to achieve lean inventory targets and receive only what is needed – “Just In Time” (JIT)?
3) How to manage changes in the demand (e.g. Change in production planning) and achieve agility with the supply chain?
4) How to increase supplier collaboration and make your suppliers an extended part of your organization?


Grow your Business with SAP Ariba

In this webinar, Our technical speakers Amit Patil- Solution Architect (Amdhan), Girish Dhodge- Director & Head of Procurement & Business Networks (SAP ) , Ashok Bidari- Partner Presales Enablement Manager (SAP) in an exclusive Ariba webinar topic “ “Grow your Business with SAP Ariba” talk about how SAP Ariba can help you transform your business in these challenging times. Don’t Miss!