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    SAP Concur

    Concur Expense: Automate expenses from receipt to reimbursement.

    Automating the expense management technique—and putting off the errors, paper and methods that go with it—frees up your employees and gives you more control over compliance and costs. Users can speedy take a picture of receipts, submit cost reports from any mobile tool, and maintain productiveness on track. It’s the expense management software that your corporation desires to streamline business travel expense processing and business expense tracking.

    SAP Concur

    Features of SAP Concur Expense include:

    • Mobility – Employees can take pictures of receipts to easily create and submit costs reports. Managers can quickly evaluation and approve – all from a mobile tool.
    • E-receipts – SAP Concur automatically populates price reviews using electronic receipts from airline, hotel, and restaurant and ground transportation businesses.
    • Card Integration – One solution controls and reconciles enterprise expenditures made through a huge variety of company card types.
    • Financial Connectors – Integrated travel, rate and AmDhan Vision information improves reporting and gives a whole picture of corporation finances and spend.
    • Reporting – A single, correct view of your expense data affords detailed reporting, dashboards and analytics, making it easy to do so and control spend.

    Concur Invoice: Proactively manage spend with AP automation.

    Accounts payable may not appear like a profit centre, but while you automate the bill process, you get control over what’s going out the door. You can see spending earlier it’s spent, catch duplicate invoices, and save time with mobile approvals, invoice tracking and faster payments. It’s how you’re making AP systems more like AR structures.

    SAP Concur - Spent Management

    Features of SAP Concur Travel include:

    • Integration – SAP Concur Invoice integrates with AmDhan Vision on a transactional basis
    • Customizable Workflow – numerous and dynamic workflow options are available for both invoices and buy requisitions.
    • Matching – SAP Concur compares invoices to buy orders and facts of obtained goods and services, saving time and making sure dealer compliance.
    • Supplier Portal – A secure vicinity for providers to track the progress of invoices and payments reduces questions to AP and procurement.
    • Pay – Automated supplier payments, which include ACH, assessments, and credit card, loose up AP staff and help companies better manage cash flow.
    • Reporting – Pre-determined reports and powerful business intelligence tools offer organizations visibility into spending.

    Why choose AmDhan?

    • Group of SAP Concur experts with years of acquaintance with the field of business travel management across different industries.
    • A leading SAP Concur integrator. Being an SAP accomplice gives us the legitimacy to help business departments in driving change, integration and training on the latest SAP Concur solutions.
    • Our global acquaintance with in project support, integration architecture and knowledge of the useful aspects of SAP Concur is the key to the successful deployment of the solution.