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    Independent Software Vendores (ISV)

    An ISV makes and sells software program merchandise that run on one or more computer hardware or operating system platforms. Businesses that make the structure.In business, things change quickly. One day it’s all about desktop, then unexpectedly it’s all about mobile. No sooner do you get our head around mobile, than it’s all about wearable tech. add to that the issues around ever-changing consumer trends, evolving business models and unplanned investments and it appears it’s impossible to plan for anything. Unless you have got a associate that specializes in helping businesses quickly perceive shifts and adapt accordingly.

    Having to modify your software development methods so rapidly and often can be one of the biggest business challenges. We help businesses enhance their value chain, improve flexibility and implement agile and responsive product improvement system. You can call on our dedicated design, UX and technical specialists to deliver shorter software release cycles and creates POCs hastily as and when required. If you need to change with the times and no longer be continuously catching up with them, we’re ready to help you right now


    • Fully branded interface and reporting engine
    • Custom agent to scan for specific product and vendor software
    • Zero residual footprint on customer networks
    • Rapid deployment and results
    • Easy customer adoption

    As the cloud computing model has grown more pervasive, ISVs have increasingly targeted the cloud as a vehicle for delivering software by offering products on a software as a service (SaaS) basis. In this delivery method, an ISV may sell its software through a public cloud or cloud marketplace. Examples include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Salesforce AppExchange.