SAP Vendor Relationship Management (VRM)

Vendor relationship management is deepening the customer-dealer relationships to attain a mutually beneficial goal and establish agree with. An efficient VRM system can supply a number of key benefits from quality increments and advanced Total cost of ownership (TCO) to new innovations and a much smoother flow of information.

Vendor Relationship Management or VRM as it is often called is a set of tools, software and offerings that assist companies manage their dealer relationships. One major advantage of VRM is that the purchasing company has control of the system and more importantly the information that consequences from the interactions.

Significant Benefits of SAP Vendor Relationship Management

  • Improved visibility: Because of the centralized benefits of those ERP systems, customers can easily track inventory degrees, inventory-in-transit, as well as future consignments which are yet to be acquired. Assisting companies to advantage more visibility and control their standard working capital requirements to greater levels, this better visibility empowers the management to make quick decisions for pursuing opportunities and framing their strategies in better ways.
  • Decreased running prices: Along with lower operating prices, decreased stock control and marketing price, non-duplication of records, more value-added tasks and expanded margins, ERP SCM Customer & dealer Management tools pave the way for good deal manufacturing prices as well.


  • Standardized business processes: Herein, users get immediate and easy access to standardise processes that are dependent on best-business practices. This system consistency permits consolidated views across distributed corporations and drives continuous enhancements, streamlines operations, and generates a wholesome synergy within departments and related capabilities.


  • Advanced compliance: With this SAP sub- module in vicinity, companies can readily enforce compliance to diverse rules.

SAP Vendor Relationship Management (VRM) is a tool able to
support the company in order to

    • Improve purchasing strategies through higher spending visibility, unique sourcing initiatives, provider’s selection, contract compliance control and assessment
    • Render purchasing manufactures much efficient through the implementation of automatic tools, the revision and streamlining of internal methods, increased compliance with buying medhods
    • Strengthen the collaboration with suppliers through self-provider, connectivity in addition to record and statistics sharing tools
    • Automate the invoice reception and management process.


The solutions applied by way of AmDhan, allow to activate shared collaborative strategies with suppliers, which will identify and choose the best offers with regards to quality and costs, optimize contractual phase and analyse the effect of each new supplier on the whole value chain.
The VRM solution, applied by way of AmDhan. Permits the enterprise to control the relationships
with suppliers, consequently enhancing competitiveness and profitability.