Enterprise Resource Planning

An SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution could be precisely what you need to propel your business forwards

SAP’s ERP software integrates all sides of a corporation. By means of streamlining the flow of information between departments and creating advanced control visibility, this transformational solution can boost business performance. Over the years, AmDhan has delivered SAP ERP solutions, assisting corporations to configure, deploy and optimise SAP’s software to meet their own enterprise goals. We understand that an SAP ERP implementation involves much more than just the implementation of software and so work with our customers to facilitate and ease business transformation.

Why We:

  • Review, redefine and optimise enterprise strategies to maximise the benefits derived from SAP ERP.
  • Manage the trade system very well, to meet the expectations of all stakeholders.
  • Contain users in system redefinition, so that they understand and support the modification.
  • Review and enhance business enterprise master data, to ensure it provides highest quality in the SAP ERP solution.

ERP software is used by a wide range of businesses. Some of the most common functions include:

  • Financials : Reporting, budgets, receipts, forecasting, deferred payments, preferred ledgers, alternate rates without an integrated system, individual departments, each of so as to probably have one of a kind sales and cost numbers. Staff at all levels end up losing time reconciling numbers rather than discussing a way to improve the organization.
  • Manufacturing : Bill of substance, manufacturing orders, scheduling, best control and more. Manufacturing agencies, especially those with an urge for mergers and acquisitions, regularly find that multiple commercial enterprise units make similar widgets the use different methods and computer systems. ERP systems can standardize and regulate manufacturing and supporting methods. This standardization saves time, will increases productiveness, and reduces head count.
  • Purchasing :In the absence of an integrated procurement machine, analyzing and tracking purchases across the agency is tough. Massive companies regularly locate
    that extraordinary business devices purchase the same product however don’t acquire the gain of volume discounts. ERP procurement tools arm buying teams for supplier negotiations by identifying extensively used carriers, products, and services, buy quotations, orders, deliveries and returns.


  • Facilitating government reporting : ERP systems can appreciably enhance a commercially enterprise’s potential to record the crucial reporting for government regulations, across finance, HR and supply chain


  • Stock : Stock management, also known as inventory control, is used to show how much stock there is giving time and keep track of it. It involves every item used to produce a product or service – everything from raw materials to finished goods, as well as purchasing, delivery, reordering stock, Item management, warehouse transfers, batch management, pick and pack.


  • Sales : Pipeline and contact management, orders, invoices, multiple-currency price-lists, quotations.

Companies operating in a global market will face a very exclusive set of challenges to domestic businesses. Implementing an ERP solution allows reduce business enterprise complexities such as language barriers, adherence to nearby reporting standards, domestic business regulation and currency fluctuations.
Any type of business you’ve got, AmDhan’s ERP solution and world wide support will allow you to development your commercial enterprise and assist it move forward & faster.