HR Report for Timesheet Data Display on FIORI Application

HR Report Fiori Application

While most of the business users are enjoying the SAP Fiori Apps, we have come across a situation, where standard Fiori apps are not available for some transaction codes or reports, or business users are interested to access the custom transactions/reports via Fiori Launchpad.
Moreover, we can find that there are also no standard Analytical Reports in HR & hence I am writing this blog post to explain how we can get a Transaction on FIORI. I am hoping the detailed steps in this blog will help you to build a Tile for which ever Transaction code is required.

Activities to be performed in S/4 (Backend) System.

  1. Go to transaction SE93 and verify whether the transaction is marked as SAP GUI for HTML

2. Launch T-code /N/UI2/SEMOBJ
Go into change mode, and click on New Entries

Define the Semantic Object, Semantic Object Name and Semantic Object Description of your Own Choice. (Suggested to start any customizing name with Z)

3. Now Open Fiori Admin Portal and create new Z Catalog, and go to Add Tile. (Click on + (Add) button)

4. Now select App Launcher Static Tile.

5. Then give the name in Title that you want and in Subtitle and Keyword give Transaction code and select the Z semantic object that we have created in step 2, and lastly select the Action as Display and save the record.

6. Now go to Target Mapping and select Create Target mapping.

7. Now select the Z semantic object that we have mapped in step 5, select Transaction in Application type give the required name in Title and the Transaction code as CADO.

8. Next go to Group and create a New group that is required and Click on + (Add) button:

Then add the Tiles proving the Reference Catalog ID created in the previous step:

Finally, you have custom Catalog and Group to add it in PFCG Roles.

  1. Now go to Transaction Code PFCG and give a unique name in Role and select Single Role and save the role created giving a description to it.

2. Now in Menu tab select small icon near Transaction and select SAP Fiori Tile Catalog

3. Select Menu Tab and select Transaction Drop down to select SAP Fiori Tile Catalog.

4. Now again in Menu tab select small icon near Transaction and select SAP Fiori Tile Group.

5. Repeat same to select Business Group

6. Go to User Tab and assign User ID to whom these new roles need to be assigned & save the Role.

Now Login to the portal for the user whom this role is assigned and you will have CADO Transaction as a Tile which is a report for Display Timedata in SAP.