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SAP Business Intelligence (BI)

SAP Business Intelligence (BI) helps analyse and report data from various heterogeneous data sources.
You can classify SAP BI solutions in 2 categories – database/ data management, and analytical solutions.

SAP Business Intelligence

Database and Data Management Solutions

SAP offers four database and data management products in this category.

  • Data Warehousing: It is a service that helps you collect and manage corporate data from a single storage point.
  • Cybersecurity Governance, Risk, and Compliance: These tools help take care of critical concerns such as data security, risk management, fraud management.
  • SAP HANA and Database: SAP HANA and Database is managed database or a database management tool.
  • Enterprise Information Management: Enterprise Information Management is a tool that helps with data on multiple fronts, including data quality and metadata management.

Analytical Solutions

SAP Analytics Cloud: This is a SaaS BI solution that opens access to corporate analytics from a single place.
Collaborative Enterprise Planning: This tool helps with corporate planning. It enables every department to arrange its actions with the others based on informed business decisions.
Predictive Analytics: As the name suggests, Predictive Analytics helps you predict the future based on business data through the application of ML algorithms.

Analytics Solutions

SAP Business Intelligence: This tool covers critical areas such as business analysis, reporting, along with visualization of the business data involved.
SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite: It is an on-premise platform that facilitates real-time access to business data. It allows business owners to use and interact with data without the intervention of the IT department. It is a self-service BI system that offers interactive dashboards, reporting, generation of instant data reports, and data visualization capabilities.